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💓 Patience, snuggles, consistency, and love are the best puppy training tools. 💓

Keep training sessions short.  Long sessions lead to brain fog and are counterproductive.  Your puppy is ready to work on attention, wait, leave it, place, sit, name, kennel, leash walking, and hand targeting.


This sample schedule is put together with short distributed learning training sessions.  Modify it to fit your schedule, training needs or desires and lifestyle.  The exercise guide includes is a wonderful resource to get you started.


🏡 6 AM Good morning!  Potty, breakfast & exercise.

🔊 6:30 AM 3-minute training 

😴 6:33 AM 10-minute rest/sleep in crate

🔊 6:43 AM 3-minute training 

😴 6:46 AM 10-minute rest/sleep in crate

🔊 6:56 AM 3-minute training 

🚽 6:57 AM Potty break

😴 7-9 AM 2-hour rest/sleep in a crate or play area (good time for a pig ear, Kong or Licki Mat Tuff Buddy)


🏀 9-10 AM Potty then supervised free play

🏡 10 AM Potty, raw meaty bone for 5-10 minutes in a crate then exercise/playtime.

🔊 10:30 AM 🔁REPEAT morning routine. 

🔊 2:30 PM 🔁REPEAT morning routing. 

🚶‍♀️7 PM Take on 15-30 minute "sniffari" walk.  Allow to noodle and explore at their pace.

😴 10 PM Bedtime: Puppy in a locked crate next to your bed, with a comfy blanket, warm snuggle puppy with a drop of lavender on the underside & soft music.

🚽 2 AM BORING Potty break (This is not the time to play, exercise, reward. Potty and right back to bed.)

🏡 6 AM Good morning!  Potty, breakfast & exercise.

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