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Our breeding program is slowly incorporating some of our dogs/puppies being placed in approved guardian homes. Implementing a guardian program allows some of our dogs to live one-on-one with a family while participating in our breeding program, which ensures all of our dogs get all of their desires met! The Guardian Family will love and care for the dog and give them a permanent home after they retire. This is a great opportunity to raise one (or more) of our "pick of the litter" puppies or dogs! There is a small fee due at the time of placement, but no additional costs are due at any point.

At two years of age, we will fully health test the dog and determine if we are going to breed her. If she does not pass all health testing or, due to another reason we elect not to breed, the dog will be spayed and full ownership will be given to the guardian family at no additional cost. If we decide she fits our breeding program, we will breed her for a total of 5 litters, then she will be spayed and released to the guardian family. If the dog is in good health, and both parties are willing, the contract may be extended for another litter. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Guardian families are required to alert us each time the dog goes into heat and make her available to us for breeding.  

We realize guardian families have a tremendous sacrifice to make, given the female breeding dog must be returned to us to be bred, deliver and wean her babies before being returned back to the guardians. An intact female usually has a heat cycle that will last between 14 and 21 days. During this time, we will need access to her for breeding related appointments. Once she has been bred, she will remain with her Guardian Family until one week before her due date (approximately 56 days after breeding). At that time, the Guardian dog will come back to stay with us throughout her pregnancy, and will be returned once her pups are fully weaned. Upon the return, you will receive the $200 litter bonus. We encourage you to visit your "precious girl" while she is staying with us and you will be given the opportunity to partake in the “Puppy Socialization Party” around 6 weeks. We hope our guardian families will come to think of us as extended family! 



Gochee's Irresistible Dream Chaser

DOB: 9/7/2018

AKC: SS07428504


Currently available to an approved guardian home:

Journey is a very affectionate & laid back girl. Very eager to please and happy. She would be a good duck hunter and/or therapy dog. 

Training includes: 

  • Basic obedience (heel, sit, come, kennel)

  • Crate trained

  • Good on/off switch

  • Good marker

  • Steady at the line

  • Retrieves distance water marks very well.

  • Ready to duck hunt this season!


  • CLEAR of ALL 160+ traits tested by Embark. 

  • Good with children and other dogs

  • Loves birds and water

  • Very affectionate.

  • She sticks right by your side and does not wander off. 

  • She has a tall athletic build. Roughly 60-65lbs. 

  • Only quirk is she has a curl/kink in her tail. 

If you are interested in adopting Journey, please fill out our online adoption form. No adoption fee.

-Available mid-December - currently taking applications: 3 year old, 48lb black female. She is very sweet, loves cuddling, understands basic obedience & is crate trained. She also loves retrieving and is good with other dogs and children. She would do best in an indoor/outdoor setting with several acres to explore (she grew up with free range of a 1000 acre ranch in Texas!). Guardian family must be located within 60 miles of Sherrard, IL. 


We are also looking to place a few female puppies in Guardian Homes. If you would like to reserve a Guardian Puppy, please call. 


  • Pick of the litter puppy/dog at a reduced cost

  • The Guardian Dog will be fully health tested at the breeders expense. (Hips, elbows, eyes, DNA testing, etc)

  • Receive $200 back for each of her litters of 4 or more puppies.

  • Have the opportunity to be the Guardian for one of her puppies (if you choose).

  • Have the opportunity to be involved with her puppies (Visits, Puppy Party, etc).

  • See the offspring of your dog being placed with families across the country!

  • After retirement (4-5 litters), the Guardian Dog is fully released to you at no additional cost.

  • Titling incentives.  


  • The whole family is in agreement on adding one of our precious dogs to your family. 

  • Be willing to care for this dog for the next 10-15 years. 

  • Be willing to teach the dog basic obedience so they can pass the Canine Good Citizen Test. 

  • Be willing to feed the diet selected by Gochee Labs. Diet may vary depending on the dog's particular needs, though it is usually Life's Abundance Food, Treats and Supplements. 

  • No intact dogs of the opposite gender may live in the home.

  • Live within 100 miles of Sherrard, IL. (Negotiable if the Guardian is willing to drive) 

  • Must become an Executive Field Representative for Life's Abundance. ($250 sign up fee, then $20 a year after that. This allows you to have access to breeder bags of dog food and earn commission by promoting a high-quality dog food) 

​Please read through our contract for more details: 

Guardian Contract


Sherrard, IL 61281

PHONE/TEXT:  309-373-6722

Dilutes are known for skin and organ health issues.  Because we care about the long term health of the puppies we produce, we only support the ethical breeding of Labradors in the traditional colors of black, yellows ranging from ivory to fox red, and chocolates from light to dark.  Dilutes, dilute carriers and other color variations are not acceptable for breeding.  
ALL of our dogs are proudly Dilute Free.