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🐕 When you bring a new puppy into your life, it's critical that you realize their entire world just changed.  The bed they sleep in, toys they play with, voice and appearance of their caregiver, smells in the air, layout of the house, where to potty...literally everything changed.  This can cause a new puppy to be anxious.  You must be proactive and make the new environment welcoming to prevent unwanted fear or stressful behavior.  

🏡 If your puppy will be alone while you work or run errands, this will be an adjustment and you need to teach your puppy how to deal with. This is a change that new puppy families should give as much attention to teaching your puppy to be alone as you do crate and potty training.  This is done by gradually increasing the time they are alone...from seconds to minutes. 


🎥 Now You're Here, Now You're Not is an excellent video that teaches you how to prepare your pet to be alone.  

🔊 If you believe your puppy is experiencing separation anxiety and you are not finding results with the above techniques, seek professional help before the issue becomes a habit or destructive pattern.

Force-free, fear-free, positive reinforcement dog trainers we recommend.   

Pawsitive Training - Heather Bowden 1-757-269-1442
Homeward Bound - Emily Blythe 1-608-535-9743
Cooperative Canine - Jenny Wyffels 1-469-450-8118
Melena DeMartini
What to look for in a trainer 
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