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📷 🚽 Potty training is all about you and your puppy working together.


Questions your puppy has are:

🚪 Which door do I use?

🎤 How do I let you know I need to go?

🗺 Where do I go once in the yard?


🛎 When you can’t supervise (but are home), puppy should be in a small area with access to the bells. When your puppy plays with them, take him out to the same area each time and give a high-value reward immediately after he goes. This teaches the puppy which door to use, how to notify you he needs to go and where to go. Slowly expand the indoor area as the puppy catches on.  

NOTE: Doggie Lawn has the perfect solution if you are setting up a potty area in the playpen, crate or out on the balcony.

When do they need let out?

🧸10 minutes after starting play

🍖 15 minutes after eating

😴 Immediately upon waking up (even from naps)

⏰ Every hour until you learn puppy’s routine.

💡 Your 8-week-old, puppy isn’t fully potty trained, but with consistency will quickly grasp the concept.

📝 Our puppies are introduced to bells and a doggie door. If you choose to train using one of these methods, the transition from our home to yours will be smoother.


💩There are many reasons for a puppy to have diarrhea or soft stool.  Those reasons include, but are not limited to: stress from moving, vaccinations, dewormer, change in diet, etc.  If your puppy is experiencing soft stool, get them on a quality probiotic.  We highly recommend Full Bucket Probiotics. (Use code GocheeLabs20 for 20% off all orders). 


🔊 If you are struggling with potty training and you are not finding results with the above techniques, seek professional help before the issue becomes a habit or destructive pattern.

Force-free, fear-free, positive reinforcement dog trainers we recommend.   

Pawsitive Training - Heather Bowden 1-757-269-1442
Homeward Bound - Emily Blythe 1-608-535-9743
Cooperative Canine - Jenny Wyffels 1-469-450-8118
Melena DeMartini
What to look for in a trainer 
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