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Reserving Your Puppy

  • To reserve a puppy fill out our Application.  If approved, you will be added to our reservation list and notified when the litter is born. 

    • We have been experiencing tech issues. Please call or text us once your application is completed to confirm we received it.​

  • Review our contract. NOTE: Our puppies have limited AKC registration. Full AKC registration is approved (at no additional cost) after health testing is completed. 

  • Once puppies are born, a $500 reservation fee is taken to hold your spot via Venmo.

  • Between 6 & 7 weeks, we help match you with the puppy that best fits your needs. A 30-minute zoom "Puppy Visit" will be scheduled so you have the opportunity to meet your puppy. 

    • Do not send blankets, toys, or treats.  We recommend purchasing our new puppy kit if you would like to bring home items your puppy is familiar with.

  • Please note that GocheeLabs does not guarantee undescended testicles, small umbilical hernias, proper bite, size, temperament, or shedding factor. 

  • GocheeLabs has taken all precautions and done everything possible to prevent normal puppy conditions from occurring like coccidiosis, giardia, parasites, or any other bacterial infections. These are all treatable and are not reasons to warrant a return or exchange. The breeder is not responsible to cover the cost of worms, parasites or urinary tract infections, or any other vet bills or expenses.


Breeders, please note our goal is to preserve the integrity of the Labrador breed. We will not place a puppy with someone who breeds dilutes/dilute carriers (dd or Dd), or mixes breeds (doodles, etc). 

Traveling With Your Puppy

We offer flight nanny services so the traveling experience is a positive training & socialization opportunity. 

The cost varies from $500-$900. We use our own airline-approved crate. Simply meet us at your airport with appropriate travel supplies to bring your puppy home. 

**Note, we fly out of the MLI airport via American Airlines. Flight details should be discussed when your puppy is reserved.  Find your nearest airport HERE.

How airline expenses are calculated.

  $250 Flight nanny fee

  $125 Puppy airline ticket

  $??? Airline ticket from MLI

  $??? Hotel (if necessary)


  $ ??? Total

Hotels near us

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