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🛑Everyone should avoid wrestling with young dogs. Wrestling with pups increases the pups’ urges to play bite and teaches them that biting humans is ok. Many people with dogs that nip at their hands and clothes at every opportunity or play bite excessively have taught their dogs these behaviors by playing rough with the dog. Playing in the backyard for 10 to 15 minutes once a day is not enough exercise for many young dogs.


⚠️ NOTE: 🏃‍♀️ Dog’s do NOT exercise themselves and sending them to the backyard by themselves does not give them the exercise they need. This is one of the responsibilities you are taking on.  10-minute walks several times a day is better than 2 hours all at once. While it is a challenge to limit your puppy, you will be thankful and they will be happier in adulthood.

🐕 If any of the following statements describe your dog, it is likely he/she is not getting enough exercise or attention: Paces from room to room, rarely lies down, even when others are relaxed, barks for attention, constantly steals objects, whines for attention, never stops jumping when people are visiting, digs, chews and destroys everything in sight, races along the fence barking at every other dog or person that passes by, runs away every chance he gets, digs under the fence, escapes and roams the neighborhood.

💓 Patience, snuggles, consistency, and love are the best puppy training tools. 💓

Have a solid training plan in place BEFORE YOU BRING PUPPY HOME so you have a foundation to build on.

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