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 🕒 Your puppy is eating ¼C of PawTree White Fish and Brown Rice 4 times a day plus ¼C to use as treats throughout the day. We feed at 6AM, 10AM, 2PM & 6PM.

🍖 Puppies grow at an incredible rate during the first 6 months so they need food increases regularly.  We increase their daily food intake by 1/4C each week until 6 months.  This gives a more gradual increase which reduces your risk of upsetting the GI system.  Reevaluate at 6 months.  Increase or decrease based on your puppy's individual needs.  A WORD OF CAUTION: IF YOU FEED BASED ON THE RECOMMENDATION ON THE BAG, YOU WILL BE OVERFEEDING, WHICH RESULTS IN DIARRHEA.

Example of weekly food increase (including treats) from 8 weeks to 6 months:

Week 8 - 1 ¼C daily total

Week 9 - 1 ½C daily total

Week 10 - 1 ¾C daily total and so on.

📋NOTE: We add 1T Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth per meal for parasite control.  This also firms up loose stool.

💩 Diarrhea: There are many reasons for a puppy to have diarrhea or soft stool.  Those reasons include, but are not limited to stress from moving, vaccinations, dewormer, change in diet, overfeeding, etc.  If your puppy is experiencing soft stool, get them on a quality probiotic.  We highly recommend Full Bucket Probiotics. (Use code GocheeLabs20 for 20% off all orders). 

Underfeeding is a large contributor to anxious and unsettling behavior in dogs.  It also causes stunted growth and organ failure.  Puppies grow at an incredible rate and their food needs to increase about once a month until 6 months old.  If your puppy is waking early in the morning or doesn't settle after a 2 AM potty break, this is a good indication they are overdue for a food increase.

⚠️ Over-feeding is a common problem that causes rapid bone growth and swollen joints which lead to hip dysplasia.  Use the body image chart and feeding suggestion as a guide.  


🍗🥩🐟 We start your puppy on 🦴raw meat and PawTree (White Fish and Brown Rice), which uses high-quality ingredients we are proud to recommend.  Receive 20% off your first order using coupon code: INTRO4U

🍗When feeding 100% raw the general rule is to feed 3% of the puppy/dog's body weight and adjust from there.

Prey raw feeding guide
Raw feeding guide for puppy's

Raw food calculator

🛑 Although we prefer to feed mainly raw, this option doesn’t work for most families, so here are the criteria we used to select a high-quality dog food to recommend to our puppy families.

AVOID • Cornmeal • Brewers rice • Corn, Soy, Wheat, Wheat gluten, Rice flour, etc. • Artificial coloring/dyes. • Food additives and Preservatives.  All of these ingredients are fillers and DO NOT promote the health and nutritional needs of your dog. They are sources of empty or non-nutritious calories that contribute to pet obesity. If a pet food company is using high-quality, natural ingredients, there will be no need to enhance the flavor of the food with these ingredients. 

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