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Paris’s puppies 8 weeks

Paris/Raider puppies week 8️⃣: I’m moving into your house today. It's new to me. I don't know my way around. My bed smells different. I can't find my food bowl. I don't know how to get to the potty area. I don't know where my toys are. I don't recognize the aromas permeating the house. Literally, everything is new to me! This can cause me fear or anxiety. Be proactive and make my new environment welcoming to prevent unwanted fear or stressful behavior.

1.) Introduce me to neutral friendly dogs/animals.

2.) Accustom me to activities you enjoy. (Fishing, boating, etc.)

3.) Remember I'm emotionally sensitive.

4.) I need plenty of opportunities to rest during the day. 1 hour of training and play = 2 hours of rest.


📆 Future planned litters include:

🖤💛 Winter ‘21 yellow and black litter

🖤💛❤️ Spring ‘22 black/yellow/fox red litter

✏️ Adoption form:

🐶 Price, parent & litter details:

💭 Questions: 309-373-6723

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