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Oakley x Raider puppies

Oakley/Raider puppies Week 6️⃣: DON'T SEND US HOME YET!! It's tempting for the breeder since we've grown so much, we're eating A LOT and we make BIG messes, but we can develop lifelong emotional and behavioral issues if we leave too soon. 🐕 Adult dogs are going to start teaching us to submit to their authority and more thorough grooming. 🎾 Plenty of littermate social play will teach us to inhibit biting, alleviate aggression and fear, and develop our confidence so we aren't anxious all the time. 🤗 We also need more human interaction, but not too much or we will think we're humans and not act like the proper well-mannered dogs you expect to bring home.

🛌 This week we change the crate conditioning routine to individual crates and slowly increase the time they spend in them to a few hours during the day.

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