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Introducing Dolly & Raider's 8 yellow Labrador puppies

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Born Sat, Mar 20th. 5 females💜💜💜💜💜 and 3 males💙💙💙, all healthy and settled in nicely.

We are born with our eyes and ears tightly closed. We do not have teeth yet, but we can move our head in search of milk. From birth, we have a sense of smell and touch, so we will start ENS and ESI soon. We spend 90% of our time sleeping and the other 10% nursing. Our nose and paws will darken this week. Mama only leaves us to eat, drink and potty. She doesn’t like to be away from us for very long and she keeps our nest perfectly clean. While she is away for a few minutes, we huddle together to preserve our body heat.

📝 Available puppies are:

💙 1 yellow male

💜 3 yellow females ———————————————————-

🏡 Ready May 15th, 2021

✏️ Adoption form:

🐶 Price, parent & litter details:

💭 Questions: 309-373-6723


🍖 What will they eat? A variety of the following:

🦴 (Trout and Barley)

🦴 (All Stages)


💭 Get familiar with Puppy Culture for a smooth transition from our home to yours. You will learn about general training, potty training, socialization, biting, resource guarding, body handling, benefits of positive reinforcement, and how to set up an unsupervised puppy playpen. We recommend the

📀🐷👀 Puppy Culture Essentials Bundle.

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