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A puppy 🐶 may not be a good Christmas🎄 gift 🎁

🎶 As Christmas 🎼 carols are playing in the background, it’s a good time to remember a puppy 🐶 may not be a good Christmas🎄 gift 🎁. If you’re considering getting a puppy this Christmas, please put their cuteness aside and take the decision seriously. 🤔 A puppy shouldn’t be brought home on impulse. 🏡 They are a responsibility you are agreeing to for their lifetime. 📆 They deserve your time, consistency and proper training. The timing ⏰ is ONLY right when it’s a thought out 💭 and PLANNED addition to your family. 🐾

🎥 Oakley/Raider 🐶 puppies 9 days old.

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