Raider x Gracie: Afternoon enrichment

Our afternoon

enrichment included a car ride in the rain and a walk around the shop to experience the sounds and smells of a tractor, air compressor

, drill press, etc.

Families typically travel several hours to pick up their puppy. Here are a few basic needs to remember for a smooth drive home:


Small collar 11-15”,

Small crate 24L x 18W x 21H ,

Soft fuzzy blanket in crate,

Water and bowl,


One or two toys,

Bags to pick up waste

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Sherrard, IL 61281

Dilutes are known for skin and organ issues.  Because we care about the long-term health of the puppies we produce, we only support the ethical breeding of Labradors in the traditional colors of black, yellows (ranging from white to fox-red), and chocolates (from light to dark).  Dilutes, dilute carriers are not acceptable for our breeding program.  
ALL of our dogs are Dilute Free.