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Introducing Gracie and Raider’s litter of 9!

Introducing Gracie and Raider’s litter of 9 born in a whirlwind 2 hour delivery last night. Mama and puppies are healthy and settled in nicely.

💛💙1st Yellow male – Vey family WI 💛💙2nd Yellow male – Palmer family IL 💛💙3rd Yellow male – Braafladt family IA 💛💙4th Yellow male – LaBerge family IA 🖤💙1st black male – AVAILABLE 💛❤️1st Yellow female – Gentry family IA 💛❤️2nd Yellow female – Bacon family IL 🖤❤️1st black female – Haulton family IN 🖤❤️2nd black female – Duncan family PA

🐶Ready April 18th. Full AKC, Puppy Culture primed. 🐶Adoption form: 🐶Price, parent & litter details: 🐶Questions: 309-373-6722

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