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Ginger/Parker puppies week 7.5: Our final days with mama and littermates!

👀Don’t worry - we will be posting regular updates on a few puppies from this litter. Denver will be with us for 2 months before headed to Germany, and Grey is our keeper puppy.

💕Also, name suggestions for Grey are welcomed!

🏘️ All that remains this week is plenty of great socialization experiences. Our people are going to focus more on bell potty training, using our name when calling for food, and sleeping in our crate through the night, only getting up for a 2am potty break.

🧑‍⚕️ We have all received a clean bill of health, vaccinations and microchips.

😨 As the week draws to a close, we will be entering the next fear period which means we will startle or jump at strange sounds and sights. Socialization MUST begin immediately.

🤓 We’ve been introduced to the concept of sit, wait, heel (loose leash walking), crate training, potty training, manding, and resource guarding. The final concept of these tasks hasn’t been realized yet. Puppy Culture can help new families finish the training introduction we’ve started.

🐾 We will not magically turn into your perfect dog. We need your love, time, consistency and proper training to become the best companion possible. Distributed learning training sessions provide the right balance of instruction and rest to help you accomplish this goal.

💭 Get familiar with Puppy Culture for a smooth transition from our home to yours. You will learn about general training, potty training, socialization, biting, resource guarding, body handling, benefits of positive reinforcement, and how to set up an unsupervised puppy playpen. We recommend the 📀🐷👀 Puppy Culture Essentials Bundle.

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