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Resource Guarding is so easily prevented if you spend a few minutes each day implementing the techniques taught in Puppy Culture.  Refer to Disc 2 Section 13 - Resource Guarding Puppy Culture Essentials Playlist

"My little angel would never growl at me...would he? Yes, I’m afraid he would. Resource guarding often does not emerge until the puppy is closer to 18 months old. The sad thing is that resource guarding is virtually 100% preventable with some ridiculously easy early interventions, but owners don’t do them because their puppy is “so sweet.” You need to do these super easy and quick protocols NOW with your puppy, while he’s still little and cute."

“Resource Guarding – as we show in the Puppy Culture film. Pay attention to all four areas we address, and I would add that you should interrupt your puppy frequently when playing, pick him up, treat, and place him right back down again….If you run into any real difficulties, see Jean Donaldson’s book, MINE! and seek professional help if you feel any hesitancy with the protocols.”


🔊 If you are struggling with resource guarding and you are not finding results with the puppy Culture 4-step techniques, seek professional help before this becomes a dangerous or destructive habit.

Force-free, fear-free, positive reinforcement dog trainers we recommend.   

Pawsitive Training - Heather Bowden 1-757-269-1442
Homeward Bound - Emily Blythe 1-608-535-9743
Cooperative Canine - Jenny Wyffels 1-469-450-8118
Melena DeMartini
What to look for in a trainer 
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