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Sierra x Louis Week 8

Sierra/Louis V puppies week 8️⃣: 😘 I’m getting my goodbye kisses today. 🏡 I’m moving into your house. ✨ It's new to me. 😕 I don't know my way around. 🛌 My bed smells different. 🥣 I can't find my food bowl. 🚽 I don't know how to get to the potty area. 🧸 I don't know where my toys are. 👃 I don't recognize the aromas permeating the house. Literally, everything is new to me! 😱 This can cause me fear or anxiety. Be proactive and make my new environment welcoming to prevent unwanted fear or stressful behavior. 🐩 1.) Introduce me to neutral friendly dogs/animals. 🎣 2.) Accustom me to activities you enjoy. (Fishing, boating, etc.) 💭 3.) Remember I'm emotionally sensitive. 😴 4.) I need plenty of opportunities to rest during the day. 1 hour of training and play = 2 hours of rest.

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