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Shimmer/Digger puppies week 1

Shimmer x Digger puppies week 1️⃣: This week you will notice we look plump and strong. Our face will look a bit more ‘dog’ like. Changes are taking place under our eyelids to prepare for the gradual opening process next week. We were born with strong forelegs, so we can pull ourselves toward mom when we are lonely, cold, or hungry. We are blind, toothless, deaf, and we can’t regulate our own body temperature - but that’s all about to change.

🩷🩷🩷Fox Red females available!

These pups are from lines proven in service work, search and rescue, Air Force, TSA, hunt tests, dock diving, therapy dogs and active family companions.

Sire & dam are both OFA Good hips, OFA Normal Elbow, Cardiac & Eyes, and are DNA clear through DDC. Puppies are our home following Puppy Culture, Empowered Breeder & Avidog.

🐾Located in Sherrard, IL with transportation options available! We have puppies across the USA and in two other countries!

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