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Gracie and Raider's Puppies Week 5: Fear and Fun

Gracie and Raider's Puppies Week 5: Fear and Fun.

This week we will experience a mild fear period. Because of this we will be cautious of new exposures. We will mainly be introduced to passive enrichment activities, so we don’t unintentionally pick up a long-term fear imprint. Shhh...separation anxiety crate training also begins this week.

To crate or not, that is the question.

A crate is a den to be used while the owner can’t supervise them. Intelligent use of a crate provides a place of safety allowing a dog a place to settle down and ward of destructive behavior.

Do not use the crate for extended periods of time, it’s not a dog sitter. It doesn’t provide an outlet to release energy. You must offset crate time with adequate physical exercise and mental stimulation.

💗 Coco

💚 Green

💜 Shelby

💗 Gemma

💛 Loki

💙 Sully

💜 Grace

🧡 Oliver

❤️ Benny

🐶 Ready April 18th. Full AKC, Puppy Culture primed.

🐶 Adoption form:

🐶 Price, parent & litter details:

🐶 Questions: 309-373-6722

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