Jayda x Bo Jangles 

We are taking reservations for their black and chocolate litter planned for May 2019

 $1600 FULL AKC registration.

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Gochee's Jayda Mae CGC TKN DS


EEbbDD (Chocolate, carries black, Dilute Free)

SIRE: Working Class Bodey

DAM: Ten Bears Tulah Mae 

DOB: 03/07/2017

AKC: SR97697803

PENN HIP: L=.43  R=.47 (Good)

Cardio: Normal - CERF: Normal 

DNA Clear of all 160+ genetic diseases tested by Embark 

65 lbs

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Gochee's Bo Jangles

eeBbDD (Yellow, carries black and chocolate, Dilute Free) 


DAM: Gochee's Maggie Lou JH THDN CGC

DOB: 01/22/2018

AKC: SS03565707

DNA Clear of all 160+ genetic diseases tested by Embark 


ALL health testing will be completed before breeding! 

Current reservations

No more reservations are currently being accepted. 

1st pick chocolate female - Johnson Family (KS)

1st pick black female - Bacon Family (IL)

2nd pick black female - Duncan Family (PA)


1st pick black male - Swearngin Family (MO)

2nd pick black male - Taets Family (IL)

1st pick chocolate male - Wurth Family (IL)

2nd pick chocolate male - Amzallag Family (NY)

Interested in reserving a puppy? 309-373-6722

Information about our puppies:

  • All of our puppies are raised in our house following the Puppy Culture Program.

  • They are not affected by EIC, CNM, RD/OSD, CYST, DM, HE, HPNK, HU, MTM1, NARC, PKD, PRA2 & 4, PRCD-PRA & SD2! 

  • ALL of our puppies and dogs are Dilute Clear (DD). 

  • De-wormed. 

  • UTD on vaccines.

  • AKC registered. 

  • AKC CAR microchipped with collar tag.

  • 5 generation litter pedigree.

  • Lifetime breeder support.

  • Receive a vet visit around 5 weeks to look for heart murmurs, hernias, ear mites, dental and vision issues, in addition to grinding in the hips.

  • Around 7 weeks they visit local, pet friendly stores.

  • Weekly online updates through Facebook. (More when possible) (If you do not have Facebook, please let us know so we can email or text you "Puppy Updates")

  • Our puppy interaction is extensive and comprehensive as we strive to provide a foundation for emotional stability and learning by giving them the best start possible. This interaction includes, but is not limited to: Puppy Culture techniques, such as early neurological stimulation, introduction to crate training, manding, sit, loose leash walking, resource guarding, car rides, daily loud noises, bird wings, gunfire from a distance, water (weather permitting), age appropriate outdoor adventures in different types of environments, introduction to potty training and lots of socialization with adults, kids and other dogs. Because of the early puppy interaction, our puppies are well prepared for whatever direction their new family takes them. They will be calm, gentle, teachable family companions as well as energetic, focused hunting partners.

  • Please note that due to the increased risk of carpal arthritis, we do not remove dew claws. 


Other information...
  •  We are located in Sherrard, IL. Shipping is available through Delta Airlines or Haulin' Paws
  • We are happy to take phone calls at any time. Please leave a voicemail if we don’t answer.
  • Full AKC registration is available to approved breeders looking to improve the Labrador breed. Because we care about the long-term health of our puppies, we will NEVER sell a puppy to a dilute breeder. 

  • Our puppies have the emotional stability to excel in any environment. They typically are; family companions, hunting/fishing buddies, farm dogs, therapy dogs & service dogs.


Reserving a puppy...

  • Complete our online adoption form. We do your best to contact you within a 3 days of receiving them.

  • Review our puppy contract.  

    • NOTE: Due to the nutritional benefits of feeding ​a high quality food, we require that our puppies are fed Life's Abundance the first 12 months (unless otherwise agreed upon). Life's Abundance food must be ordered off of  LifesAbundance.com/GocheeLabs for tracking purposes. 

  • Place a deposit though PayPal friends/family, check or cash. (You are welcome to visit the dam (and sire if he is on site) prior to the puppies birth. 

  • After the puppies are selected, a one-hour "Puppy Visit" will be scheduled around 4 weeks. (We will pick the puppy for your family based off of personalities) 

    • Do NOT visit if anyone (children, babysitter, pets...)  in your house is sick or has been sick in the last week. ​

    • To avoid stressing mama and the puppies, visitors are limited to two people. 

    • Do not bring blankets, toys or treats. You are welcome to bring a name tag to put on your puppies collar. ​

  • For puppies not picked up at 8 weeks, a $20/day boarding​/training fee will be charged.

  • Please note GocheeLabs does not guarantee for undescended testicles, small umbilical hernias or proper bite, size, temperament or shedding factor as these do not affect the pet quality of the puppy/dog.

  • GocheeLabs has taken all precaution and done everything possible to prevent normal puppy conditions from occurring like coccidiosis, giardia, parasites or any other bacterial infections. These are all treatable and are not reasons to warrant a return or exchange. Breeder is not responsible to cover the cost of worms, parasites or urinary tract infections or any other vet bills or expenses.

Pedigree & Parent Photos

Jayda's past puppies. 


Sherrard, IL 61281

PHONE/TEXT:  309-373-6722

Dilutes are known for skin and organ health issues.  Because we care about the long term health of the puppies we produce, we only support the ethical breeding of Labradors in the traditional colors of black, yellows ranging from ivory to fox red, and chocolates from light to dark.  Dilutes, dilute carriers and other color variations are not acceptable for breeding.  
ALL of our dogs are proudly Dilute Free.