Life's Abundance Pet Products 

Since we believe Life’s Abundance is a foundation to your puppy’s health, your puppy will be started on Life’s Abundance All Stages.

Why Life’s Abundance

• Made in the USA

• Never had a product recall
• High-quality protein from chicken meal for strong muscles
• Calcium & phosphorus for healthy teeth and strong bones
• Dietary fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive tract
• Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids for healthy skin & a shiny coat
• An antioxidant system including vitamins C & E
• A proprietary blend of vitamins & minerals
• Prebiotic fiber & guaranteed probiotics
• A selection of nutritious vegetables
• A variety of whole grains

At first glance Life’s Abundance appears to be expensive, but it’s nutrient-dense so you feed less per day.  This makes your cost per feeding less than other brand name dogs foods. Prior to picking up your puppy, please place an order with Life's Abundance. If you choose auto-ship when ordering, you will get our wholesale price. Start with a 7-week shipping frequency and adjust from there. 


Give your puppy the nutritional advantage of Life’s Abundance


What to order: 
 Life's Abundance's Large "Healthy Start Kit" that includes a 20lb bag of Dog Food, Wellness Food Supplements, Bully Sticks, Tasty Rewards Training Treats, Antioxidant Health Bars, Shampoo, Ear Care Formula & Bath Fresh Mist. 

Order The Healthy Start Kit Here

"Bio-deodorizer Spray" in case of accidents.It is safe around pets and children. 

Order the Bio-deodorizer Spray Here

Own a dog or cat? Take the Healthy Pet Challenge  today!

Want to find out if your pet will eat Life's Abundance before taking the the Healthy Pet Challenge? Contact me for a free food and treat sample. 


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Dilutes are known for skin and organ health issues.  Because we care about the long term health of the puppies we produce, we only support the ethical breeding of Labradors in the traditional colors of black, yellows ranging from ivory to fox red, and chocolates from light to dark.  Dilutes, dilute carriers and other color variations are not acceptable for breeding.  
ALL of our dogs are proudly Dilute Free.